Power Up Boston | Aldelo POS Software
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Aldelo POS Software


Our POS systems use the Aldelo software for an optimized experience for your employees and customers.

Comprehensive POS Operations

Weight Scale Query Interval & Hardware Refresh Interval
Searchable Bar Tabs for Higher Efficiency
Flexible Options for Auto Enforcement of “Drink Per Guest” Policy
Kitchen Chits with Customer Name & Table Number Shown
Ability to Change Seated Numbers through Hibachi Tables
Menu Item Prices are Now Shown in Split/Combine Checks Screen

Options to Display Item Prices & Order Totals in Packager Receipt
Buttons in Order Entry Screen are Locked Once the Order is Settled
Chained Orders with Customer Name will Now Show in the Recall  Screen
Cashiers must Close All Checks Before Cashiering Out

Financial Management

Detailed Closing Reports, Now Including Net Cash Receipts and  Sales Break Down from Food & Bar
Audit Trail Reports for Any Voids, No Sale & Price Changes
Flexible Options to Add Tip Surcharges to Cash Tray or Staff Bank