Power Up Boston | The VariPad W Series POS Tablet
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The VariPad W Series POS Tablet

The VariPad W Series POS Tablet

The VariPad W series is the result of extensive exploration into the features that are vital to the hospitality and service sectors. Some businesses simply need indoor/outdoor order entry, others need inventory control, yet some still needed the convenience of a mobile sales assistant on the sales floor.


Maximize the value of your mobile solution. VariPad isn’t simplify a POS tablet, but also:

A Mobile Sales Assistant for the retail floor. Show customers photos of options not available on the sales floor, recall in-stock and out-of-stock inventory, accept payment, get a signature all at the customer’s convenience.

An Inventory / Stock-taking Device. The 1D/2D barcode reader is ergonomically designed to make inventory taking simple, and almost effortless with just the press of a button.

An Order Entry Device. Restaurants, cafes, diners, and more are find thing that VariPad simplifies the order entry process with efficient, powerful and reliable order entry, and a reliable Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

A Customer-facing 2nd Display. Attach VariPad to your existing All-in-One POS system and use it as a 2nd display, with functions such as a main terminal clone or an extended display, a payment terminal with the built-in MSR and IC Card (Chip-and-PIN card) slot, a signature pad, and more.


Don’t just ring up your sales, get to know your customers with a loyalty program, develop your reputation as a business that goes beyond the normal, and grow your business… with VariPad.


VariPad W1 Key Features

        • Windows 8.1
        • 7″ / 10.1″ LCD, PCAP 5-Point Multi-Touch Panel, Hi-resolution and IP54 water/dust proof
        • Impressive Intel® Bay Trail-T Z3745 CPU
        • Reliable, Swappable 11-hr Battery for extended working periods with cradle for (3 hr.) charging and stowing
        • 1D and 2D Barcode reader integrated, compatible with a wide range of configurations
        • Integrated MSR, 5MP camera, Chip-and-PIN reader
        • Heavy-Duty design made for POS, not for Social Media, exceeding 4 foot Drop standards
        • Lightweight – Only .66kg (W1) or .93kg (W2)
        • Heavy-Duty strap for advanced, safe and natural grip and ergonomic support