Power Up Boston | ToriPRO 815
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ToriPRO 815

ToriPRO 815

Introduction to ToriPRO 815

This is a fanless POS terminal designed to meet the needs of many business environments. ToriPRO features a bezel-free touch screen design supporting multi-touch functions /PCT (projective capacitive touch) screen as an option. The bezel-free screen also holds an IP66 rating (waterproof).

This system features aluminium housing, allowing heat to dissipate and increase persistent high performance of the machine, this housing also means all interior components are protected therefore a very robust EPOS terminal. In addition, the hard drive disk (HDD) is located in the Main Box system and therefore is positioned away from the motherboard (the main heat source), this decreases the chance of any heat related performance issues.

Key Features

        • 3rd Gen Intel® Core i3-3217U Dual-core 1.8GHz with L2 Cache 3MB (Fanless)
        • Powerful & Sexy :Powerful FANLESS system in stylish design
        • Custom Design Printing Available – Ensure that Customers Know your Business’ Identity.
        • 15” LED backlight LCD panel with PCAP touch screen
        • True flat front touch panel design(P-CAP) touchscreen
        • Rugged construction: Die-Cast Aluminum provides a sturdy, heavy-duty frame for support and protection
        • IP66 waterproof certified
        • Modularized design & Flexibility : VFD, 2nd display, MSR, iButton, RFID, Fingerprint