Power Up Boston | VariPOS 715
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VariPOS 715

VariPOS 715

Introduction to VariPOS 715

VariPOS 715 has been named one of the most complete, affordable POS Systems in the industry. Housed by die-cast aluminium to ensure complete protection for the main system, guaranteeing efficient heat elimination, and providing steady performance to maximize uptime, VariPOS 715 is the total package in performance, reliability, and style.

The front panel of VariPOS 715 is certified IP 66 waterproof test. The base of the VariPOS 715 is available in fixed plastic or adjustable aluminium for a friendly view angle. The VariPOS 715 POS System offers customized colors to synchronize your retail shop and solidify your identity.

The VariPOS 715 is a champion in the POS Industry. Since Poindus introduced zero-bezel True Flat Capacitive Touch screens with multi-touch capability to the world in 2009, VariPOS 715 has become a leader in the industry. Tens of thousands of installation cases later, VariPOS 715 hasn’t slowed down.

Key Features

        • Intel® Pineview D410 / D510 1.66GHz CPU integrated
        • 15″ zero-bezel & Projected Capacitive Touch Technology (PCT) touchscreen
        • Flexible architecture for VFD ,7 ” LCD second display, MSR, iButton, fingerprint
        • Aluminum base with adjustable angle & adjustable view angle of customer display
        • Customized colors to match your establishment image
        • Front panel is IP 66 Waterproof Certified