Power Up Boston | VariPOS 719
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VariPOS 719

VariPOS 719

Introduction to VariPOS 719

Poindus’ VariPOS™ 719 is powered by the Intel Pineview D510(Dual Core) processor brings obvious improvements in both CPU and integrated graphics performance. With 19″ LED backlight panel features zero-bezel & projected capacitive technology (PCT) touchscreen to enhance the 19″ all-in-one POS system work efficiency.

Key Features

        • Intel Pineview D510 (Dual Core) CPU integrated
        • Ultra slim design with excellent thermal elimination design
        • 19″ zero-bezel &Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) Technology touchscreen
        • System memory supports up to 2GB
        • Flexible architecture for MSR, iButton, fingerprint
        • Aluminum housing and base with adjustable angle
        • Front panel IP 66 waterproof Certificated