Power Up Boston | VariPOS 819
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VariPOS 819

VariPOS 819

Introduction to VariPOS 819

VariPOS™ 819 features a tremendous 19″ true-flat PCAP touch screen, outfitted with Intel’s i3 or i5 Sandy Bridge processor, and comes ready to be challenged. The 819 truly raised the bar in the POS industry.

While maintaining the classical design that made the VariPOS series a leader in POS style, the 819 is ready to perform, even runnig the most advanced POS software.

Key Features

        • Intel® Mobile Celeron B810 1.6GHz / Intel® i3-2330E 2.2 GHz /Intel® i5-2510E 2.5 GHz
        • Ultra slim design with excellent thermal elimination design
        • 19″ zero-bezel & Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) Technology touchscreen
        • Systems memory supports upto 8GB
        • Flexible architecture for an additional 7″ LCD display, MSR, iButton, fingerprint
        • Aluminum housing and base with adjustable angle
        • Front panel is IP 66 waterproof Certified